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An exhibition in a medieval chapel

In July and August 2023, I participated along with five other artists in a group exhibition in the deconsecrated medieval chapel of the château of Uhart Mixe, near Saint Palais in the French Basque Country. It's a remarkable building, topped by a beautifully reconstructed roof of oak beams topped by terracotta tiles.

My paintings are on the far wall, where the alter and the reredos would have been, and on the side walls at the end. Other artists participating included Christian Saint-Marc, on the right, and Nina Bedder, in the centre, as well as Adeline Baumgartner, Marie Roger-Etchegoyen and Gratianne Berrogain.

At the inauguration, performance artist, poet and musician Marc Lafaurie drew inspiration from the ochre and vermilion colours of my paintings to evoke his experience of spending time in the silence and darkness of the caves of Oxocelhaya, amid the prehistoric paintings of animals on its walls.

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Josette Dacosta
Josette Dacosta
Oct 09, 2023

Beautiful Josette! Exceptional colours

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